Thursday, October 30, 2008

Plasters and Floors at the EcoNest Compund

The beauty of earthen plaster work

the perfect mix!

troweling on over reed matting

Screeding an earthen floor for a sauna

Perhaps the best camp-spot ever, with a panoramic view of the mountains surrounding Teesuque, New Mexico

EcoNest Straw-Clay

Originating in Europe (Germany) several hundred years ago, light straw-clay wall systems are proving to be one of the best natural building options. The walls are super-insulated, yet half the thickness of strawbale, thus gaining floor space and saving on material, and the straw is fully integrated with clay, thus protecting the straw from decay and adding thermal mass to the wall surfaces. The walls are also built using forms, so provide a very flat and even surface for plastering once dry. I am in love with the outcome and the process. EcoNest is leading the way in the United States for this system and it was an honor to study and build with them.

the tumbler machine

bamboo stabilizers
Once you have built the load-bearing timberframe and lightframe matrix, you're ready to pack the walls!

Raising the cupola onto the house
...early morning!