Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the Drop at Boom

the Lake Idanha Nova
and future site of the Drop

Cleaning the bamboo splits and sorting into different grades of looseness

Let the weaving begin!

"yip, yip.... back, back"
it's the special language of large scale bamboo wall weaving

the ends come together in curving organic forms

the tall end of the wall gradually spreads and will frame the acrobatic stage

the tails become garden spaces

one-of-a-kind wall!

these columns will support the screen on the opposite side of the structure

making woven panels

installing the panels into meter deep trenches in the ground

intentionally bending them over

the two walls are brought together to form a tunnel

then we go around the length of the tube (about 500') attaching the two sides together with bamboo rafters and lashings, not a single nail was used

we continue working through the night

the 'roof' is made with lycra fabric stretched and tied down where ever possible

such an amazing space for a gallery!

even the sheep dig it

the Dance Temple at Boom

Columns made from bundles of seven

swaging cables for this tensile structure

before and after

there are several hundred to complete

the members go up

the fabric sails go on

the colors are arranged as a beautiful flower mandala filled with sacred geometries

time to dance!