Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Other Great Projects at Boom

A wonderful community kitchen.
It's a cob oven and rocket stove style grills all in one!

Plaster texture detail on the oven

A bamboo framed dream catcher portal to the Drop

A ferrocement greywater reclaimation system with live plants for on-site water treatment

A beautiful mosaic dragon, in process

rotating driftwood sculpture

Canya is an amazing sculptural framing material

Essentially, sugar cane stalks, that grow rampant all along the northern mediterrean coast. Bundled in groups of 30 or so, spliced to any desired length and then built up like a basket.

Truly inspiring to me!


  1. Who is responsible for the community kitchen? I would love to get some of those ideas... specifically rough dimensions for the rocket stoves/grills.

  2. I like to build one for poor community.
    Please Email me the information about the all in one stove/oven.
    My E-mail is mike_jaufamily@yahoo.com