Monday, September 22, 2008

Timberframing at EcoNest

Welcome to Tesuque, New Mexico. I'm here to study the EcoNest Building method of traditional timberframing and light-clay straw wall infill. The company is a husband-wife team, architect and builder, who specialize in totally non-toxic homes. These buildings are ablsolutely beautiful and a joy to design and build. Here are pictures from the timberframing part of the training. It's especially cool how they integrate japanese and european style bracing.

the workshop

Robert LaPorte

the Chain-Mortiser & I

what a beautful mortise

connecting the main japanese brace

the frame goes up!

Using come-alongs to secure the position

the timberframe team
the pine bough tradition, we've raised the frame

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  1. Excellent blog! Great photos! I look forward to reading more. I only hope that the work we are doing on our homestead is half as beautiful as what I see in the photos here and below. We are neo-phytes, building our first strawbale home with earthen floors. Thanks!