Saturday, December 6, 2008

Part 2: Making bricks and Walls

Welcome to the mudpit! The great thing about adobe bricks is that it's really easy to make the mix. You can use the clay in just about any hole you dig on the property and since we will be using a form to make the bricks and letting them dry in the sun, we don't need to worry about too much moisture in the mix. Thus, the pit becomes a creamy slurry and only requires simple walking around in it to mix well. This is also the same way we mix the mortar! For the brick mixture however, it is good to add a fiber component if you have one available. Adding fiber such as straw will increase the strength of the bricks and also make them more light weight. We added rice husks once we could get them.

Each brick will be 4 x 8 x 16 inches, so that we can use them in a variety of different positions. Packing the mud into forms...

Staring to lay the courses...
And probably the hardest part of it all... getting the bricks from the brickyard to the building site! We make it a group effort and have about 30 minutes of passing brickis on a 'brick line' each day.

The building takes shape!

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