Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Balifornia Bamboo - Pagodas at the Harmony Festival

The Lotus Pagoda
I contributed with an amazing eco-environment created by some of my bamboo friends for the Harmony Music Festival in Santa Rosa, California.
The design and construction was by Balifornia Bamboo,
and led by Brian Hanumon Scharf.
The Star Pagoda
Star Pagoda interior
with view of the floating bed
Hanu contemplates the final touches just before the festival opens.
Yummy bamboo joinery!

Beloved Yuba Devi (all things made possible by the hard-working, supportive and ceaselessy creative girlfriend) and her mother work to the last minute stuffing handmade pillows with strips of burlap reclaimed from local beaneries.
Gorgeous details!
Beveled bamboo flower holders tie-in with willow arches along each bamboo post

Amit burlaps every flower pot like a pro!

The finished Lotus Pagoda
Dark Bamboo structure follows six-pointed star geometries and flushed out with willow arches and tule reed, among many other locally harvested plant-based fibers and living plants. The base of each post has a balinese inspired altar, willow seat back and several handmade pillows.

The space is used for workshops and small presentations during the festival as well as a shady spot for people to rest and rejuvenate between scheduled activities.

The focal point of the Lotus Pagoda is an incredible bamboo chandelier designed and built by Chris Remmers of Eden Building and Design.

Star of David geometry looking upward

Even more awesome when illuminated at night

A spirit circle was also created with bamboo and living materials to honor the support of all the natural systems in the creation of this environment.
a nest at the top filled with offerings from the group reaches towards the sky

For more information, please visit Balifornia's website



  1. Right on! This is so freaking beautiful! Yeah Brian!

  2. Hey Brian, this is Robin, you remeber me I helped you build the bamboo pagoda. it was a blast to see it come full circle. It rocked!!

  3. Gorgeous ! I need your help midwifing our burgeoning eco healing arts community in L.A> www.gaiasangha.net !
    shoot me an email