Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rainwater Greenhouse - Flipbook Progress

~Welcome to the Rainwater Greenhouse Project Overview~
Pictures from the same point
over the course of building so far,
The site as I arrived to it.
Ethan and his father had already done much of the work, prepping an 18" deep gravel trench for the foot of the building and cutting 2'x2' concrete blocks out of existing slabs on their property.

The perimeter wall, another urbanite treasure from this place.

The main bent of posts and beams goes up.

Laying the foundation.

Ferrocement gutter cures

Purlins and brackets and beams, oh my!

Metal roofing goes up and reclaimed glass sliding doors form the front wall.

The clerestory is also crafted from reclaimed windows.

to be continued...

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