Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Raven Oven

Welcome to the community of Breitenbush Hotsprings!

I'm here leading the construction of an earthen oven with attached benches.
We decided to shape the oven as a raven, which has a lot of meaning for many of the members of this community.

Patrick has built a beautiful roof structure and stone foundation for the project.

The first workshop is focused on building the oven.

It's classic cob--all ages get involved!

At the next workshop, we build the wings and benches. The wings have an internal structure formed with wire fencing. Here Sara, the lead organizer of this project, is harvesting sand from the creek... This will work great for our plasters too.

The next workshop will be focused on painting the raven with an aliz, or clay paint. We are planning to do a design with Pacific Northwest Native American motifs. I'll post the workshop when the date gets set.

Until then, enjoy the pizza!

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