Sunday, May 17, 2009

100-mile Bike Ride through the Los Padras National Forest

At least once a year or so, I like to do something totally physically challenging and something I never knew I could do. This year, my natural builder friend, Kata Polano, invited me to join her on a 100-mile bike ride from Santa Barbar to a Women's Permaculture Gatherning at Quail SPrings Learning Oasis. We would have to go from sea level through the Los Pardes National Forest and go over two passes, the highest over 5000' in elveation, so how could I resist?
Gearing up
Art can not believe we are crazy enough to do this!
Especially since today is my first day riding this bike

And we are off!

The first day we rode through last year's burned region.
Upper Mountain Road, Santa Barbara
Heavy sights to take in.

But also funny stuff! Kata found this biker mailbox and couldn't resist some comic relief

Camping out & rice cakes for breakfast

Awesome water hole

the terrain ahead

Looking back down over the first pass, tons of switchbacks!
we just increased about 2500' elevation without any downhills

We forgot to bring any salty snacks, so kata licks her sweat back into her body.
ya know, bikers are hard-core

We reach the summit!
(and then it starts to rain)
our last 16 miles we were completely soaked, but it still felt so great!
especially knowing we had an amazing welcome crew down at Quail Springs.

Cuyama Valley

We survived, hooray!

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