Sunday, May 17, 2009

West Coast Women's Permaculture Gathering

Back to Quail Springs! This time arriving by bicycle! Never thought I would ride all the way to the Cuyama desert from Santa Barbara using pedal power, but somehow the notion of a women's permaculture gathering gave me the inspiration to do it.

The Goddess panel including
Penny Livingston-Stark, Kat Steele & Starhawk.

Our beautiful camping area

Bread making

the cob house is almost done!

Learning how to butcher a deer, we found it as road-kill on the highway

Lynn & Justin demonstrate how to use the compressed earth block machine.

A compressed earth block--home made.

Orchard toilets are our friends.

We began and closed our gathering with a ceremony including brewing compost tea. After it had bubbled away for two days, we all spread out the compost tea on the gardens.


  1. These photos are sexy. You ladies are awesome. I put a little video of you 2 prior your trip on my Earthen Renovation post.

  2. That is the best hand operated compressed-earth-block-machine i have seen yet!

    Who makes that (please say its an open-source design with online build instructions, oh please, oh please).

  3. yes, it is a very nice machine! and i do believe the price reflects it... not sure how much it cost these folks, but i think it was in the range of a few thousand... it is designed so that you can manuall apply about 5000 lvs. of pressure to each block, quite easily i might add.

    if you want i can get some more info on it, but i am pretty sure the device is not something to try to build yourself... sorry about that.

    thanks for following!

  4. johndituro@aquadynamicsolutions.comSeptember 9, 2009 at 1:53 PM

    I am very interested in you CEB machine. I am workng an a project with the Barka Foundation in Berkina Faso Africa and apreciate any info you have on its make or who developed it.
    It could be very helpful to the poorest people on our planet. you can contact me at the email/Name I posted.
    Thanks for your help.

  5. who cares about the poors. nothing even in name of social welfare is free.

  6. I am interested in the CEB machine will help poorest people in Belize