Monday, October 26, 2009

Rainwater Greenhouse - Update

Getting cobby!

the lovely Amit Chertoff, joins in for a day, just before heading back to Israel

Ethan is at home in the garden

Prepping bottles for more cob

reclaimed tile, thrift store grout, and tumbled broken bottle chips
create the potting surface
workshop participants get dirty with light straw clay
and base coat plasters
even old time friend, Max Edelson, stops by to get muddy for the afternoon
Lawrence is a pro at this rate, and helps teach the mixing techniques
Oiling the cut-face of the urbanite wall makes it really beautiful!

A little bit of bamboo conceals a less than perfect plaster detail
The main entrance begs you to enter
Chinking at all possible points of infiltration


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  2. Just tell Erica Ann awesome??? or what!!!

  3. This has come along magnificently Erica! And with some of my favorite people I see! Thinking of you often.

  4. i love these pix. how to get involved? i live on vancouiver island and i am into working in again after i just finished school doing forming and framing.. i made a huge cobbuilding as part of passport to natural building on mayne island with pat hannebury. hey, i look forward to meeting you...

  5. your work with clay is beautiful oxo

  6. I love the design of this greenhouse; thank you for sharing these pictures!

  7. What type of oil did you use on the cut urbanite? It looks beautiful.