Thursday, November 5, 2009

Earthdance Bamboo

Welcome to the Earthdance Music Festival!
We arrive with a truck load of bamboo and trailer full of fabric and natural fixins
the site is a natural cove formed by winter eddies,
when the rains rush through

We enhance the natural spiral form with bamboo poles splayed outward. Then we tie the poles to the center point (a beautiful gnarly tree) with manila cables

Hanumon is happy

Quinn and I get taller, a trick i learned back in junior high school

design session

building the portal to the spiral zone

Christopher does some innovative joinery

Ethan came along to this one, and fits right in with the crew
the main gate goes up

I do a fancy lash with crystals included (wired in first)

flower shaped shading connects the guy wires

playing with the fabric first!

the elder's throne
Quinn weaves a web behind the throne

testing lighting for the night

an earth mandala, created over the course of the festival, with public collaboration, fills the central space

shading effects
the elder's throne in action

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